WHY ISN T THE SOUND QUALITY OF THE MUSIC ON MY SOUND MIRROR AS GOOD AS I IMAGINED IT WOULD BE Music may be recorded in diverse formats and qualities This will obviously influence the quality of playback on the Sound mirror Your Sound mirror will not be able to improve the quality of a poor recording As the Sound system has been designed for high quality audio rendition we recommend that you save your music in the best possible quality on your Bluetooth capable playback device see Sound tips WHY WON T MY PLAYBACK DEVICE RECONNECT WITH THE RECEIVER AFTER IT HAS LEFT THE RECEPTION AREA It may be because you were outside the reception area for more than five minutes Please use your device to manually establish a connection once again It is also possible that a different Bluetooth device is connected to the BTR 420 Please disconnect this device and re establish a connection to your device HOW MANY DIFFERENT PLAYBACK DEVICES CAN THE BTR 420 ADMINISTER Up to eight devices the ninth device replaces the first device 19

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