INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE CONNECTION TO BLUETOOTH MOBILE PHONE OR PC LAPTOP Please note that some mobile phones cannot be connected via the standard Bluetooth Search function In this case as a second step you should start the music playback function on your playback device and select Bluetooth Stereo Head phones or A V Headset before carrying out a renewed search for the device On the playback device attaining the maximum number of different Bluetooth connections varies according to manufacturer it may fail to establish a connection In this case the connections which are not required should be deleted the Bluetooth function should be deactivated and then activated again after approx 1 minute INCOMING CALLS WHILE MUSIC IS PLAYING You can receive calls at any time while music is playing When you take a call the music output will be muted With some mobile phones music playback is resumed as soon as the call ends or is rejected With some other models it is necessary to press the Play Pause button or to restart audio transmission to the Sound system via the menu on your mobile phone 17

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