SOUND TIPS GOOD SOUND QUALITY WHEN BUYING OR DOWNLOADING MUSIC Download your favourite music from the internet in the right quality for a full and rich sound When buying downloading music from a download portal you should select the highest available bit rate Most portals offer 256 Kbit s this ensures a high quality of sound To avoid poor sound quality we advise against converting poor quality audio or video clips with sub standard bit rates GOOD SOUND QUALITY WHEN CONVERTING MUSIC INTO MP3 FORMAT When converting your own music CDs into MP3 format please check the desired bit rate option in the settings of the conversion programme The higher the set bit rate the lower the sound loss and the better the sound quality will be Poor sound quality arises when the bit rate is set too low or the music has been converted at an inadequate bit rate LOSS FREE FILE FORMATS FOR THE BEST SOUND QUALITY You will achieve the best sound when the music you use is in a loss free format such as AIFF or WAV This sound quality corresponds to that of a purchased CD 15

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