16 17 TEChNICaL SPECIFICaTIONS Mains power 220 240V 50Hz Protection class IP44 Power consumption Stand by 1W Normal mode 35W Full load 55W Frequency range 50 25 000 Hz 6 dB Output 2 x 50 W Data transfer Bluetooth 3 0 EDR Transfer profile A2DP and control profile avrCP Power class 2 range up to 10 metres 6 loudspeakers in a 3 way system devices which are equipped with Bluetooth must not necessarily also support the audio video remote Control Profile avrCP which enables control of the Sound mirror The Sound mirror works with Bluetooth version 3 0 Edr and supports the a2dP profile necessary for music playback and the avrCP profile required for control and playback Power class 2 enables links over a range of up to 10 m The playback device must therefore correspond to Bluetooth standard 2 0 or higher and comply with the a2dP profile as well as supporting the avrCP profile Please check whether the playback device meets these requirements by referring to the instructions for use of the playback device TrOuBLEShOOTING my dEvICE IS uNaBLE TO LOCaTE ThE SOuNd SySTEm Check that the button on your mirror is lit up If it is lit up but the mirror is not detected switch the Sound system off once and restart the system If necessary switch off your device and try connecting it again It may take up to 2 minutes to establish the connection If you exceed the range from the Sound system as specified by the manufacturer of your replay device this may lead to dropouts or breaks in transmission of the music signal as Sound cannot be linked via Bluetooth to more than one device at the same time ensure that there are no links to any other devices Why IS ThE INITIaL vOLumE SOmETImES vEry quIET Or vEry LOud WhEN I SWITCh ThE SySTEm ON The playback device stores the most recently used volume setting Before switching on the sound system check that your device is set to the appropriate volume

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